Questionnaire for clients

Your contact information

Enter Your contact information (who fills the form)
Address (Company Address)

Who are the decision makers?

Who will be the main contact person and the deputy?

General information

What date is You intend to launch the new site?

Business objectives

Tell us more about your planned new business, your goals, your competitors. What the site is supposed to do for the clients and audience.

Look and feel - the art section

It´s very important to have an own Corporate Identity.
What do You think, what elements You need on Your website?


We need a little more information about Your technical requirements.
Who is responsible for technical issues?


The text content area - content means a large amount of text and written articles. Not one liners, what words or phrases to use to find Your site.

Marketing / Audience

More informatios is better than less. Tell us all You know about Your current and planned online marketing activities.


Same like content!

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