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SEO – Search Engine Optimizing

As a long-standing agency in the online business, we have the necessary experience to optimize Your website so, that a visible success can be found in the search engines. Through additional offPage actions, detailed analysis of Your website, market analysis, and as a further example of writing content on Your site, we will improve Your rankings.
By leveraging advanced tools and technologies, we are able to provide the best services for You. Transparent prices and services contribute to a trustworthy collaboration.
Our SEO consultants advise You personally and work together with You to tailor the online marketing plan tailored to Your requirements.

SEA – Search Engine Advertising

Through an accurate analysis of Your search terms on the basis of the key words You require and the technically feasible and meaningful keywords, we create the pool of relevant expressions for search engine advertising. No search engine advertising before a precise analysis of Your website, the analysis of websites of Your competitors, the search volume of Your keywords and of course the click rates. On the basis of this information and the budget at Your disposal, we will create Your SEA campaign. Our PPC  consultant will advice You.

SEM – Search Engine Marketing

Search engine marketing is the presentation of Your company or Your products on the Internet. This is achieved through a combination of SEO and SEA. Your placement in the organic search – i.e. the free search – will be improved and search engine ads will help You find Your search terms in the ads category. Your online presence will be significantly improved and visitors will find Your website. There You can imagine yourself or Your products and if Your website is appealing and the ease of use guarantees easy operation, also generates better sales or leads.

Website creation

An essential part of our work is the creation of websites. If you order a website from us, you will get an already optimized page. This is already a first step towards search engine marketing. It saves us the web page analysis, since we know what we do. However, it is important for us to provide you with information. Good planning also delivers a good result.

The best choice for Your website

With us you will make everything more successful! Use our knowledge in SEO, SEA and SEM to be successful in the search on the web.
As one of the best SEO agencies and SEA consultants, we provide complete, online and offline support. We're driving your online business right.

Hitwatch Limited

Founded in 2016, we are an alliance of IT pro's, designers and conceptionalists. Years of experience in all aspects of on- and offline marketing make us a strong partner.

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