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Event Conceptions

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Concept – Everything starts with a structure.


We bring structure into Your idea. We answer the journalistic W questions and create a timetable together with You.
In the end there is a concept with which You can work.

From the idea to the budgeting, the conceptualization gives You a structured overview.

Launches & Relaunches.

Are You planning to introduce, revise or improve an existing product or service?

We launch (introduce) and relaunch (introduce again) with You together to success.

In combination with the right marketing mix, You will be successful in the market right from the start.

Event Concepts.

Create experiences with us and not mainstream events. From the kickoff, through employee events to exciting market launches for customers, we give You the input that You want and have missed so far. Whether You are looking for an exciting location, such as car chase, or classic celebrations, such as Christmas celebrations or anniversaries – together with You, we find the concept that suits You and is fun.

Guerilla marketing.

May it be a little bit more? A little more attention? With Guerillia Marketing we will accompany You, if You want to reach Your target group with extraordinary ideas! Legal and yet exciting. In places where no one expects them to be there.

Experience this exciting marketing experience with us.

The best choice for Your website

With us you will make everything more successful! Use our knowledge in SEO, SEA and SEM to be successful in the search on the web.
As one of the best SEO agencies and SEA consultants, we provide complete, online and offline support. We're driving your online business right.

Hitwatch Limited

Founded in 2016, we are an alliance of IT pro's, designers and conceptionalists. Years of experience in all aspects of on- and offline marketing make us a strong partner.

Our Services

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Hitwatch Ltd.

20B Beckett Way
Park West Business Park

Dublin 12
D12 T2NF

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